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If you’ve lost a tooth due to gum disease, oral trauma or for other reasons, Dr. Timothy Yu might suggest a dental bridge. Here’s why:

But before we get into that, do you know what a dental bridge is? It’s a fake tooth (called a pontic) that has two crowns on either side which go over the top of the teeth. A bridge is for those with weak teeth. The crowns provide the support necessary for daily activities.

The procedure for a dental bridge can differ depending on a host of factors, but the following paragraphs should tell you the basics:

At your first appointment, Dr. Timothy Yu will apply a numbing agent as well as remove some of the enamel structure to prepare them for the dental crowns. Then he will make an impression of your mouth. The dental lab will use this to form your customizable dental bridge. Dr. Timothy Yu will fit you with a transitory bridge over the gap that will temporarily restore the full function of your mouth until the permanent bridge can be installed.

When the permanent bridge is finished, Prime Family Dental Care will bring you back to our office to install it. The procedure for a fixed bridge might take longer to complete. Dr. Timothy Yu might need to schedule a follow-up visit.

Have questions about the specifics? You can call Prime Family Dental Care in Laveen, Arizona at 602-237-8880 for a consultation. We’ll help you out.