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Do you or your child have an irregular bite, crowded or crooked teeth? Braces are designed to bring you straighter teeth and a healthier bite. Braces are composed of small brackets cemented to your teeth and connected by a wire. Your orthodontist, Dr. Timothy Yu, will tighten these wires periodically to apply pressure to your teeth. The pressure causes your teeth and jaw to gradually shift into correct alignment.

If your son or daughter are considering braces, you’ll need to wait until enough of his or her permanent teeth have come in. Most children get braces between ages 8 and 14.

When you’re ready, schedule an appointment with Prime Family Dental in Laveen, Arizona by calling 602-237-8880. Before the braces are installed, here are some things we may need to do:

1. Conduct an oral exam – We’ll take a close look at the patient’s teeth, jaw and mouth
2. Take x-rays – Panoramic x-rays and special head x-rays can help determine the position of the bite.
3. Plaster models – We may create a dental cast or impression of your teeth and scan it to digital format to make further decisions about treatment.
4. Potential tooth extraction – If the permanent teeth are very overcrowded, we may recommend removing one or more of them to make room for the rest.
5. Other procedures – In severe cases, other procedures such as jaw surgery will be required.

After Dr. Timothy Yu and our expert staff have evaluated the state of your own or your child’s mouth, we’ll create a customized treatment plan for you. This will likely include braces and may include other orthodontic appliances as well, depending on your needs. We’ll go over this plan with you before you decide to proceed forward. Call us at 602-237-8880 to get started!