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A missing tooth impacts your dental health, digestive health, appearance and speaking abilities. But don’t worry; Prime Family Dental in Laveen, Arizona offers a solution: high-quality dental implants. Here are some of the basics:

Dental implants are one of the most revolutionary inventions in dentistry in the past forty years. A stand-alone dental implant is composed of a small titanium screw and an artificial tooth called a crown, which together function as excellent substitutes for your tooth roots and your natural tooth. It is very sturdy and usually lasts several years in your mouth. Crowns, bridges and fixed complete and partial dentures are other forms of dental implants, as they are composed of similar structures.

How does the procedure go? Dr. Andrew Lewis will first numb the area and may administer anesthesia. Then he will surgically implant the titanium screw into your gumline. Depending on the strength and health of your mouth and other factors, we may be able to install the permanent fake tooth at the same time.

You may need a to wait for some time before your permanent dental implant can be installed. Why? The bone in your mouth needs to adapt to the titanium screw and tighten around it. This is called osseointegration. We might be able to attach a temporary crown to the post to help with daily activities while you heal.
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