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Have you ever wondered why your dentist might recommend a dental crown instead of a dental bridge, or vice versa? Well, you’ve found the right place.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” placed over a tooth. It’s designed to restore the tooth’s shape, size, strength and appearance. If your tooth is too weak to restore with a veneer but strong enough to still provide some chewing and speaking support to your mouth, Dr. Andrew Lewis will likely recommend that you get a dental crown.

A dental bridge, sometimes called a fixed partial denture, consists of two crowns, one on each side, and a false tooth in the middle called a pontic. If your tooth is missing or so weak that a tooth extraction is required, Dr. Andrew Lewis will thereafter fit you with a custom-made dental bridge.

Here are some benefits to consider in getting a dental crown:
Aesthetics: You can improve the natural shape and color of the tooth.
Protection: A crown provides the best possible protection for a broken or cracked tooth
Durability: Crowns last longer than any other type of dental restoration, including fillings and implants.

Here are some benefits of a dental bridge:
Aesthetics: It maintains the shape of your face and restores the appearance of a healthy smile.
Restoration: It restores your ability to chew or speak properly.
Distribution: It distributes the force of your bite to alleviate stress on other teeth.

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