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Kids’ developing teeth are highly prone to early decay if they aren’t taken care of because they aren’t as tough as adult teeth. Helping them understand the need for good tooth care habits will help them have strong and healthy teeth for their entire lives. Following these guidelines as you help them develop their habits will lay a strong oral health foundation.

You should begin gently brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they come into the mouth. Use a soft-bristled brush that is small enough to reach all surfaces in your child’s mouth, and a bead of toothpaste no larger than a grain of rice.

Sometime between ages one and two your child’s teeth will begin to grow close enough to touch. At that point, you should begin gently flossing their teeth. You child should also have their first visit to our dentist’s office sometime before they are two.

Around the age of 3, you can encourage your child to begin to brush their teeth regularly on their own. Make a game of brushing. Talk about how you’re getting rid of the cavity monsters and have them show you when you’re done.

Another thing you can do is have them play dentist with their toys and brush and floss the toy’s teeth. Let them choose a fun novelty brush that they would like to use. You can use disclosing tablets to show them where the plaque in their mouths is. This will help them understand why they brush and how they need to brush to get all of it off.

To learn more about caring for your child’s teeth, please contact Prime Family Dental Care in Laveen, Arizona. Dr. Timothy Yu will be happy to assist you.