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summersports-CSSWith summer in full swing, our team would like to share some oral care tips with you so that you can enjoy this time with family with relaxed schedules and increased recreational activities.

At Prime Family Dental Care in Laveen, Arizona, Dr. Jordan Karren, and Dr. Timothy Yu hope these tips can help you enjoy this time with your children and grandchildren, while keeping their smiles healthy and safe along the way.

– Recreation: If children are participating in recreational activities, check to see if a sports guard might help protect their smile. If there is a dental emergency and a permanent tooth is knocked-out, keep the tooth in a sealed container of milk, salt water, or an emergency tooth preservation kit–until they can be seen by our dentist as soon as possible.

– Vacation: Before heading out for road trips or flights, be sure to pack a dental emergency kit in case there are any issues along the way.

– Kitchen: If children are at home all day they will want to snack, which means they will be roaming the kitchen frequently. Keep healthy choices in the fridge and on the table. This includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and if the food is ready to eat, they won’t miss the chips and Twinkies. Also, chilled water within easy reach in the fridge will keep their smiles healthier than sugar-laden alternatives.

– Hygiene: Now is not the time for children to relax their oral care. To encourage good habits, get them a new toothbrush and flavored dental floss so that they will want to floss at least once a day, and brush at least twice daily to keep their chompers in tip-top shape.

We hope this summer season allows you to experience many good memories with your children and grandchildren. Should you have any questions for Dr. Jordan Karren, and Dr. Timothy Yu, please feel free to give our friendly team in Laveen, Arizona, a call at 602-237-8880 today. We look forward to hearing from you!