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Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about oral cancer in an effort to increase our patients’ awareness of this significant oral health challenge. We have discussed why getting regularly screened is so important, and identified some of its major risk factors. Now we want to help you understand some of the main symptoms of oral cancer.

Oral cancer frequently goes undiscovered in patients because they notice no real physical changes that alert them to its presence. And in truth, many of its early warning signs can seem quite benign or be written off as a normal occurrence. But you should get anything out of the ordinary that doesn’t heal or go away within 14 days examined.

Oral cancer often appears as a red or white patch inside the mouth or as a small indurated ulcer that looks and feels like a normal canker sore. Other symptoms include lumps and masses you can feel in your mouth or neck, persistent ear ache, and numbness in and around your mouth. Some people experience pain or trouble chewing, swallowing, or speaking, as well as lasting hoarseness. If you experience any of these, please don’t assume they are minor inconveniences and that the problem will fix itself.

Early detection and diagnosis drastically improve the treatability of oral cancer, and knowing its warning signs can aid in early detection. Please notify our dentists if you identify any of these warning signs in yourself. Prime Family Dental Care is committed to your complete oral health.